General Terms and Conditions of C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG


  1. Our Conditions of Sale and Delivery constitute an integral part of our of-
    fers and sales contracts. Any changes require our written confirmation.
    Buyer’s conditions cannot be considered even if we do not expressly
  2. Our prices are ex works or store and do not include insurance cover.
    Cif and c+f prices are based on the freight rates and insurance premiums
    prevailing at the time of contract. Any changes between the time of con-
    tract and shipment are to be for Buyer’s account.
  3. Cash discounts shall be subject to payment of all outstanding debts. Bills
    of exchange will only be accepted on account of performance and only
    subject to explicit agreement. No cash discounts shall be allowed on bills
    of exchange.
    Unless any delay in payment is beyond the buyer’s responsibility, all ac-
    counts receivables shall become payable with immediate effect upon
    buyer’s default.
    In the event of buyer’s default we shall be eintitled to debit costs of €10.–
    each for every reminder.
  4. The goods supplied shall remain our property until full payment of all pre-
    sent and future outstanding amounts.
    If the goods supplied are processed by the Buyer, the retainend title to the
    goods shall not cease. It shall continue to apply to that part of the new item
    created by processing which corresponds to the relationship between the
    selling price of the goods and the value of the new items created by pro-
    cessing. The same applies if the goods to which title is retained are mixed
    with or joined to other items.
    The Buyer is entitled to resell the goods in the normal course of business.
    This right shall terminate immediately in case of insolvency or bankruptcy
    of Buyer.
    If the Buyer sells goods to which title is retained he hereby now assigns to
    us his claim from the resale and/or incidental rights in order to secure our
    claims. The Buyer is authorised to collect the debt from the resale until
    such authority be revoked. However, we can demand that the Buyer noti-
    fies us who the debtors of the assigned claim are and gives the debtors
    notice of assignment.
    If the value of the security given exceeds our claims by more than 20 %,
    we shall be obliged to transfer ownership or release assignment if reque-
    sted to do so by the Buyer.
  5. If goods are not delivered in accordance with the contract the Buyer is not
    entitled to reject acceptance or payment of goods; payments may how-
    ever be retained in cases where complaints about delivered goods are ad-
    mitted or assessed by non-appealable judgement. Amounts due cannot
    be set off against counterclaims, unless such counterclaims are admitted
    or non-appealably assessed. Any reductions granted to the customer
    shall be repaid by us.
    Any claims must, unless they are about concealed defects, be filed with-
    in five days after receipt of the goods and prior to further processing. If
    the goods are defective, we shall at our discretion remove the defects or
    repay the undervalue or replace the goods delivered or repay the con-
    tract price in full. Unless we are liable for damages caused intentionally
    or by gross negligence, any further liability shall be excluded, in particu-
    lar such for compensation of demages caused by culpa in contrahendo
    or violation of contractual duties not consisting of default or supervening
  6. In the event of force majeure we shall be entitled to delay delivery inas-
    much as such circumstances call for, but for six months at the most. After
    expiry of the period the Buyer and Seller are entitled to cancel the con-
    tract. All sales for future delivery are based on the assumption that the Sel-
    ler receives the goods properly in time of performance.
  7. With regard to all Buyer’s and Seller’s contractual obligations the Seller’s
    registered office shall be the place of performance.
  8. All disputes arising out of this contract shall be settled by arbitration ac-
    cording to the rules and regulations of the Chamber of Commerce of Bre-
    men/Germany. If the Buyer is in default of payment and if no objections
    have been filed with respect to the claim for payment, we shall be entitled
    to submit the matter to public courts.
  9. This contract shall be governed by the Law of the Federal Republic of
  10. The buyer agrees that any data resulting from the business for which
    these conditions of sale and delivery are applicable will be stored on bu-
    siness card index files.