Management of the company is not only efficient but also broadly based in terms of specialist know-how. All three executives have an in-depth knowledge of other relevant areas of business in addition to their own. They have also gathered many years' experience from working all over the world and in different Melchers companies.


Based in Bremen, they are in charge of the worldwide business operations of the Melchers Group – in close collaboration with management of the local companies and managers and experts in the individual spheres of business. Thanks to the culture of open dialogue, the different competencies can be networked ideally and valuable synergetic effects can be generated, thus ensuring a stable infrastructure of knowledge.

Dirk Sänger, Nicolas C. S. Helms, Rainer Wohlers
The tougher the international market, the more valuable our advice.
Nicolas C. S. Helms

Having trained in the banking industry and worked in that sector for several years, Nicolas C.S. Helms (born 1964) studied in Switzerland and the United States. Graduating as a Master of Business Administration, he took up a post as managing director of machine dealer Intergrafica S.A. in Bogota, Colombia. In 1994 he was appointed to the Managing Board of Melchers (H.K.) Ltd. in Hong Kong. Returning to Germany in 2000, he joined the Melchers Group management team and has been a Managing Partner since 2006.


Lasting success can only be achieved through fairness and respect.
Dirk Sänger

After training in the banking sector, Dirk Sänger (born 1964) began his Melchers career in Hong Kong, interrupting it to graduate in Industrial Marketing in Switzerland and work as a manager for a textile company in southern Germany. He was then employed for more than 17 years by various Asian branches and subsidiaries of the Melchers Group. In 2010 he returned to Germany as a member of the Group management team and has been a managing Partner since 2014.

On the basis of the successful company history of many years it is necessary to adapt to the dynamic development of the digital world.
Rainer Wohlers

The banker and industrial engineer Rainer Wohlers (*1966) worked after his studies as a corporate account manager in a major bank, as a management consultant and for many years in the commercial management of a medium-sized group of companies. Since 2017 he has been a member of the management board of the Melchers Group.